Friday, 30 March 2012

Chantal Della Concetta

Indonesian News Presenter
Chantal Della Concetta

Full name               Chantal Della Concetta
Birth date               July 27, 1980
Birth place             Bandung, Indonesia
Occupation            News Presenter
TV Station             RCTI .

Chantal's name is a combination of names of some countries in the world. Chantal (French) means singing, Della (Latin) meaning good, and Concetta (Italian) means pure. 
Born to Budi Gunawan Kelvin and Shirley Gandasasmita , Chantal was the second of three brothers. Her eldest brother Amanda Crescentia and her sister Prudence Marischka . Marischka was a reporter from Metro TV. Chantal spent her childhood in London. She graduated from Parahyangan University mayor in International Relations. in 2003 with a GPA of 3.1 Chantal joined the Metro TV .

Chantal's journalism career began at Metro TV in 2003, then moved to the RCTI in 2007.
On Metro TV, Chantal had the opportunity to bring a variety of programs with different characters, ranging from regular news, morning talk show until the dialog. Most of the program ever performed by Chantal is Your Voice , Public Corner , Headline News , Breakfast Club , Metro Morning , Afternoon Metro , and Metro Night .

After nearly four years of service on Metro TV, in 2007, Chantal joined the RCTI. Chantal on RCTI bring the highest rating program, which Regarding Indonesia. In the same year, Indonesia Regarding getting the Panasonic Award for the category of news programs play. After five years of duty as a journalist, Chantal is now more interested in the coverage of social issues, such as poverty, unemployment, education, and health.


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